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Napa man, combat veteran supports homeless veterans through ‘Operation Good To Go’

He decided that he was going to start helping the children of veterans who died by suicide as well as homeless veterans by starting his own non-profit – Operation Good To Go. That was a little more than a year ago. A one-man operation with his family a… Read more at: Google Alert – homeless […]

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Homeless and pregnant find shelter with Home Start program

San Diego, for example, housed 1,000 homeless veterans under a program last year, and one of the city’s three large tented shelters is reserved for veterans while another is reserved for families. Other efforts have focused specifically on homeless youths, LGBT people, addicts, the mentally ill and other … Read more at: Google Alert – homeless […]

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Big Heart Award goes to Bonsall woman … community news

John Maryon of the Encinitas Sheriff’s Station, author and formerly homeless veteran Michael Williams, advocate for solving homelessness Michael McConnell and San Diego Housing Federation Executive Director Stephen Russell. Presented by the Community Resource Center and the city of Encinitas … Read more at: Google Alert – homeless veterans

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We don’t need this parade

What if the money that will be spent on Trump’s parade was redirected to feed the homeless veterans? Or, improved domestic support? Better equipment and training? Or, what about treatment for victims of PTSD, fresh in my mind following the tragedy that just occurred at the Veterans Home in Yountville … Read more at: Google Alert […]

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