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Syrian War Report – July 11, 2017: Government Forces Rapidly Advancing In Southeastern Desert

…from SouthFront The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies conducted a surprise operation against US-backed militants in the desert east of Damascus. Government forces liberated Dier Nasrani, Rajm Bakar, Jabal Makhoul, Bi’r Makhoul, Jabal Seis, Tal Sad Risha, Al-Qasr, Khirbat umm Atayiq, Banat Baeir, Surat Aliyah, Tulul al-Faddayn, Tal al-Asfar, and nearby points. The […]

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Syrian War Report – June 30, 2017: Government Advance Against ISIS

…from SouthFront Syrian government forces, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have fully secured the important village of Humaima following about a week of clashes with ISIS terrorists in the border area with Iraq. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continued advancing in the direction of the T2 pumping station in southern […]

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Syrian War Report – May 1, 2017: Government Troops Launch New Offensive In Eastern Homs

Last weekend, the 5th Assault Corps and the National Defense Forces, supported by the Russian air power, began an operation against ISIS in the eastern Homs countryside. By Monday, government forces have retook the villages of Jibab Hamad, Tadmuria, Jabbab Hamad Rajm Al-Qasr, Rajm Dergam, Al-Rajm al-A’ali, Al-Rajm al-Madraji, the Al-Ay’lam hill and the Turks […]

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Pakistan: How Imran Khan Plotted to Overthrow Sharif’s Government?

 Nauman Sadiq for Veterans Today During Imran Khan’s four months long Dharna (sit-in and political demonstrations) in front of the parliament in Islamabad from August to December 2014, the allegations of election rigging and electoral reforms were only a red herring. A question would naturally arise in the minds of curious observers of Pakistan’s politics […]

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Trump’s “Super-Sewer:” Flynn Paid Ex-FBI Agents, Behavior Analysts In Lobbying Work For Turkish Government

CHUCK ROSS Former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s lobbying work for the Turkish government involved payments to several former FBI officials and a retired admiral who served in a top intelligence role for the joint chiefs of staff. Flynn’s consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, also paid a behavior analysis firm operated by two former FBI […]

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