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Battle For Mosul – July 7, 2017: Iraqi Forces Purging Remaining ISIS Terrorists In Old Mosul

On Thursday, Iraqi security forces (ISF), backed up by the US-led coalition, successfully advanced al-Shahwan district in the Old Mosul area in western Mosul and de facto reached the Tigris River. The goal was to separate ISIS units and to accelerate the collapse of the terrorist group’s defense in the area. Read more at: Veterans […]

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Battle For Mosul – June 27, 2017: ISIS Launches Surprise Counter-Attack

…from SouthFront Last weekend ISIS launched a large-scale surprise attack against government forces in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Terrorists attacked the neighborhoods of al-Tanak, Nahrwan, and al-Yarmuk, engaging Iraqi security forces (ISF) in a series of intense firefights. While ISF was fighting terrorists in the Old Mosul area, ISIS used underground tunnels and sleeper […]

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