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Russia: Trump to Sell Jets to Bahrain, Overturn Obama Human Rights Block

Editor’s note:  VT has evidence that Bahrain’s government has a standing agreement with a militarist cabal in the US to use terrorism against Americans, blamed on Iran, to bring about the conflict Trump and Netanyahu demand.  We can prove it were there a government in the US. Russia Today: President Donald Trump’s administration has notified […]

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Panetta: Trump Should Apologize to Obama

  Donald Trump should apologize to his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, for claims assessed as false by FBI Director James Comey, says a former CIA chief. The New York billionaire has accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. His claims followed an investigation into his ties with […]

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Blocking Trump’s War on the Working Class, Obama Attacks Student Loan Fraudsters

Editor’s note:  The GOP fraudsters, now the center of Trump’s incoming gang, have been victimizing students for years, with high interest loans and collection methods that have actually included arrests, beatings and using SWAT teams and armored vehicles to knock down doors.  Only in America are students who can’t get a job considered terrorists. For […]

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